Announcing the new Executive Producer and Committee for 2018

Global Game Jam™ approaches on the 26-28 January 2018, and after another record breaking year, we have lots of new faces in the Executive Committee.

It is with great sadness we wave goodbye to Giselle as our Executive Producer as she moves on to pursue new ventures (although she will still be part of the GGJ family in the shape of the Australia and New Zealand RO!). We would love to introduce you to the new producer and committee for #GGJ18 :

jo Jo Summers - Executive Producer (England) has been involved with GGJ for 3 years, and returns for 2018 as the Executive Producer. Over the past ten years she has produced community technology events, including Hackathons, Barcamps, Maker Faires and videogame parties, and has spoken at a number of conferences about game creation as a creative pursuit, and how to support and encourage diversity in game making. Jo looks forward to leading GGJ forward to another successful year.
bec Rebecca Fernandez (Australia/England) has been helping out with GGJ since 2012, from running the Sydney, Australia site to regional organising and finally the executive committee. The most important thing about GGJ to Rebecca is the global aspect - that thousands of developers from around the world simultaneously make games around a central theme.
johnson Jung-Sheng (also known as Johnson Lin) (Taiwan) started building indie dev community in Taiwan since 2011, and is currently the point of contact for IGDA Taiwan chapter. With help from passionate friends, his team organized and promoted game jams regularly since 2012, and the scene in Taiwan grew considerably after that. He usually helps with Traditional Chinese translation efforts for Global Game Jam and other events such as IndieCade. He also co-organizes Taipei Game Developers Forum.
claire Claire Wilgar (Northern Ireland) has been involved in GGJ as a jammer, and then site organiser since 2013. By day she's a front-end web developer and the community manager of her local hackerspace, and loves being involved in and organising community events and groups. Claire feels GGJ is an excellent way to bring new jammers and experienced game creators together both locally and globally.
anna Anna Prein (Russia/Canada) has been involved with the GGJ family since 2013, as a participant, organiser for the Vancouver, BC site, and Regional Organiser for Canada. The culture and community of game jams keeps her coming back, and she is excited to help carry that spirit forward together with the EC team.
lorenzo Lorenzo Pilia (Italy/Germany) is mostly known as the programme manager for A MAZE. / Berlin, a role he has held since 2014. He’s also responsible for a number of other game-related events and initiatives in the German capital, such as, Talk & Play, Join – Local Multiplayer Summit and the Civic Game Jam series. He’s a proud member of Saftladen, Berlin’s first indie game collective and co-working space.
hernan Hernán Valdés (Chile) has been around the Global Game Jam since 2009. Starting as a jammer he later hosted instances of the event across multiple locations in Latin America while volunteering for the role of organizer in that region. He currently works as VR developer in Valparaiso Chile. Feeling a innate passion for audiovisual arts and technology he continues to promote the Global Game Jam spirit around the world.

More exciting announcements in store very soon.