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Unlock the power of your game and create a positive impact for the planet. is an environmental impact-as-a-service platform that transforms millions of casual actions into real-world environmental impact. They are a B-corp-certified company as an official partner of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. has partnered with companies like Wooga, Belka Games, SciPlay, and Playtika to integrate eco-rewards in-game and create a massive environmental impact.




Here are some of’s milestones reached thanks to their amazing gaming partners:


Planted over 600,000 trees

Cleaned over 635,000 lb of ocean plastic

Bought over  250,000 ft2 of land for nature reserves

Saved 570,000 Sea-turtles

Protected 6,800,000 acres of wildlife habitat


Unlock the power of your game and create a positive impact for the planet. Casually.


This year, the Global Game Jam (GGJ) presents an amazing opportunity. Imagine a world where gaming transcends entertainment, becoming a catalyst for environmental restoration. Are you ready to blend the thrill of gaming with the gratification of real-world ecological impact?


"The intersection of sustainability and gaming is not just innovative; it's crucial. Through the Global Game Jam, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change within the gaming community, while providing jammers with tools to engage and retain players. It's a unique synergy, and the potential outcomes are truly exciting."

Nadav Gross, CEO and Co-Founder


Reward your players with environmental impact when they achieve a milestone, and improve retention when they get updated on its progress.


By integrating's environmental rewards into gameplay, there is not just entertainment; there’s education and empowerment. This approach is dual-fold: first, it instills a deeper environmental consciousness in the gaming community, and second, it enables players to actively contribute to global conservation efforts, such as coral reef restoration, wildlife protection, and sea turtle conservation, via the game's economy. is placing a special emphasis on games that do more than just raise awareness. By encouraging players to share their impact through the certificates, the game fosters a community of conscious gamers who become ambassadors of change. This model not only promotes ecological engagement but also boosts the game's visibility, creating a virtuous cycle of awareness, impact, and exposure.




Improve retention when your players get updated on their impact over time


Join’s mission to casually save the planet at this year's Global Game Jam. Become part of a community that's redefining gaming – where every click, every challenge, and every victory contributes to the preservation and rejuvenation of our planet. Together, let's game for a greener tomorrow.


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