For three years in a row, the Global Game Jam and Game Developers Conference have offered scholarships to GGJ organizers, regional organizers or other volunteer affiliates with a goal of reward tho
The International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation Events (ICGJ) is the only academic venue so far dedicated to game jams.
Global Game Jam®, is still the biggest and most diverse gathering of game creators in the world.
For Immediate Release  
It may look quiet here, but rest assured there's plenty of activity underway already in preparation for Global Game Jam® 2017!
We are pleased to introduce the most excellent volunteers who will help manage Global Game Jam® in 2017.
Global Game Jam® is made by an extensive team across the world all doing their part to put on the world’s biggest game jam.
Help us make GGJ17 (20-22 January 2017) even better than this year's Global Game Jam!
As the world uploads their last bits and bytes of games, we are thrilled to announce that Global Game Jam 2016 has concluded!
Kia ora!
In the spirit of the international Global Game Jam experience, we’re broadcasting over 50 hours of Twitch livestream
As part of our Twitch broadcasting extravaganza we will be announcing the theme live once Hawaii is jamming. 
Global Game Jam has always had a strong presence at colleges and universities around the world.
We have GameMaker: Studio Professional free trials for all Global Game Jammers, thanks to YoYo Games!
It's an online radio, perfect for jammers who like listening to music and dev chat while programming, designing, etc.
With so many countries, sites, and online portals to choose from, here are our top picks for where to get involved online over Global Game Jam® weekend.