The secret is out, and the theme for Global Game Jam® 2016 is..... RITUAL
The Global Game Jam® 2016 is run by an amazing team working within the spirit of the jam. They do it so that people from all over can get together and create and innovate together in games spaces.

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Built for those who build the Web.
Global Game Jam® has smashed another of its own records, with over 600 sites ready to jam in 87 countries!
For those jammers looking to level up or jam on hardcore we have our GGJ16 Diversifiers!
Hello Global Game Jam® Hosts!
It looks like another bumper year for Global Game Jam®, with almost 500 sites in over 80 countries already registered and ready to jam!
In order to deliver the best possible GGJ experience, we need to go offline and tinker with a few things on the website sometimes.

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With Global Game Jam® only a month away and more than 80 countries taking part, it's time to get excited and get your jam plans going.
We're pleased to announce our two sensational keynote speakers for Global Game Jam® 2016; Siobhan Reddy and Ramez Naam! Siobhan Reddy; Studio Director, Media Molecule
After a bit of a break, we’re back for 2016 and we want to share the global experience of GGJ with all of our participants.
Earlier this year we announced that, thanks to GDC and UBM, the GGJ GDC Scholarship program would be available once again.
We are super excited to announce that Global Game Jam® will be partnering with Twitch this year!
 Do you have any burning questions about Global Game Jam®?
As we gear up for another year of Global Game Jam®, at the time of writing we have 295 sites in 60 countries already registered to be part of what looks to be another record-breaking GGJ!
The Global Game Jam®, in collaboration with GDC, is proud to present a limited number of scholarships which consist of an all access pass to the