Turin Game Jam 2024

Magnificent panorama of Turin during a sunny day.
    • This site is organized by IGDA Italy and it's volunteers, make sure to stay up to date by following @igdaitaly on Instagram.

      The Game Jam location is located at a coworking space, which is equipped with all the amenities to be able to participate and develop at the event.

      Please note:
      to fully register you will need to fill out both the registration on the official Global Game Jam website and the following Google Form - https://forms.gle/LRrFUHKnMCSJtuZD6

      Happy participation to all!

      The organizers
    • Event Start Time
      Event End Time

      Italian (Italiano)

      English (English)

      French (Français)

      Age Restrictions
      18+ only
      Entrance Fee
      Maximum Capacity
      Open for entire 48 hours
      Who Can Participate
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      24 Hour Security
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      Accessible Public Transport
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      Auditorium Space
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      Designated Smoking Areas
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      Drinks and Snacks
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      Food in Vacinity

      Access to coffee/beverages and/or food in close vicinity

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      Separate Sleeping Space
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      Welcomes Boardgame Creation
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      Welcomes Hardware Games / Alt Controllers