Cymurghs Global Game Jam Next 2024

This is our logo, we combine globalness of the jam and our sembol Simurg Bird
    • Why Us?

      As Cymurghs, we hosted this event last year, so we have experience in this regard. With our software and the experience from last year's GGJ, the seminars we provide will support the Jam process and ensure that Jam participants get more productivity. During hosting, if you applied alone, we will assist you in forming a team with others. Additionally, our team's programmers will also support Jam participants.

      Differences and Features of Our Jam:

      Throughout the Jam process, our seminars and experienced members and mentors will support you, contributing to the experience of GGJ participants.

      We will ensure a more social and active event with gatherings such as watching the announcement of the game theme together.

      How to Register?: You can participate in the Jam by creating an account on GGJ's website or using the account you created earlier, selecting us as the Hosting Site, filling in the necessary information, and submitting the application. After that, depending on the acceptance status of your application, we will send you an email. When your application is accepted, we will invite you and your team to our Discord server.


      January 15-19: Participation will be completed and team formations will be finalized during GGJ Prep Week.

      January 20: The broadcast announcing the game theme, taking place on Twitch, will be watched together on Discord.

      January 22: Global Game Jam will start worldwide.

      January 22-28: Seminars will be conducted during the Jam.

      January 28: Games created will be submitted at 17:00, and the process will come to an end.

    • Event Start Time
      Event End Time

      Turkish (Türkçe)

      Age Restrictions
      Entrance Fee
      Maximum Capacity
      Open for entire jam hours
      Who Can Participate
      Anyone betwwen age of 12-17
      Available Tools or Technology
      Text and voice channels for every team
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