Casper - The Friendly Game Jam Site

    • This is a co-working space so there may be others in and out of the facility. Facility has time-controlled locks. Contact Matthew via Discord for entry.

      Parking is available on the east side of the building, off of Spruce.

      * Tuesday 6pm-midnight: Launch video @6:30pm, Pizza, brainstorming, team formation, etc.
      * Wednesday 6pm-midnight
      * Thursday 6pm-midnight
      * Friday 4pm-midnight
      * Saturday 24 hours
    • Event Start Time
      Event End Time
      Age Restrictions
      18+ only
      Entrance Fee
      Tuesday-Friday evenings, Saturday all day, see Site Details for additional info
      Who Can Participate
      Available Tools or Technology
      Wi-fi, tables, chairs

      Cricut (vinyl/paper/fabric cutter), laminator
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      Auditorium Space
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      Drinks and Snacks
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      Food in Vacinity

      Access to coffee/beverages and/or food in close vicinity

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      Welcomes Boardgame Creation