GGJ GDC Scholarships

The Global Game Jam®, in collaboration with GDC, is proud to present a limited number of scholarships which consist of an all access pass to the Game Developer's Conference 2016 in San Francisco, California (March 14-18, 2016).

The awards are open to any current Global Game Jam® organizers, regional organizers or other volunteer affiliates. In considering the awarding of these scholarships, two criteria are used:

  1. Overall service to Global Game Jam® (50%)
  2. GGJ volunteering in underrepresented regions of the world and countries where none or few GGJ sites normally participate (50%)

Decisions will be made by the GGJ scholarship committee whose members are themselves ineligable for the awards. Reviews will begin December 1, 2015 with decisions targeted to be made by January 2, 2016.

To participate please fill out this short survey.