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Witchery & Mockery


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Welcome to the witch's house, where the ability to solve riddles is the key to survival! The player finds himself in a magical witch's house, where each room is a separate stage and task. The main mechanic is to rotate the house by changing the gravity and moving between the faces of the room. To get out, the player must solve puzzles that are located in different parts of the house. Every turn leads to new challenges and mysteries, and the witch is always watching you from her black chair. Show your mental flexibility and get out of this witchy maze of inviolability!
Technology Notes
Maya, Adobe Photoshop, VO and images are generated with AI. Used self created assets and remade free assets from the Asset Store
Installation Instructions
1. Download arhieve
2. Unzip archive
3. Start GGJ2024.exe file