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Three Heads and a Little Humor

  • Dragon status: 😡😡😆  Patience level: 2  Say something: What else can I say about coconuts?  Head 1:  Oh, for goodness' sake! *clears throat* Coconuts are... umm... they're very, you know, nutty! *winks*  Head 2: *laughing uncontrollably* Hahaha, coconut!  Head 3: *laughing uncontrollably* Hahaha, tigers!  Dragon status: 😡😆😆  Patience level: 1  Say something: Well indeed I am in a pickle, am I not?  Head 1:  Oh, you're in quite the predicament there, my dear! *chuckles* It seems you've found yourself in
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English (English)

You meet a three-headed dragon. The only way to survive is to make all three heads start laughing, and each head has only one topic they consider funny. See if you can figure it out before their patience wears thin.
Technology Notes
Currently requires an instance of Ollama ( running locally on port 11434, with the "llama2" model already having been pulled.