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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Unreal Engine
STUMBLESAURS is a two player local co-op game where you play as two dinosaurs balancing on each other trying to make their way to the movie theater without destroying the city.
The game is a balancing game where the players balance the dinosaurs from tipping and colliding onto obstacles.
The twist is that the controls change randomly while playing and the players will have to find their keys fast to keep the dinosaurs balanced.
Tilt and balance the dinosaurs to maneuver through the environment and get to the movie theater!

Joseph Branderhorst - Co-Lead, Game Director
Parris Stratton - Co-Lead, Art Director
Cameron Perry - Environment Artist
Nathan Ahn - Game Design, Level Design
Haley Cargo - Environment Artist, VFX Artist, 3D Animator
Tyler Josef Lund - Environment Artist, Voice Actor
Afiyinfoluwa Ogungbade - Game Design, Development, Systems Design
Hugo Martin - Environment Artist
Charles Curtis - Game Design, Quality Assurance
Lindsey Magee - Opening Cutscene, 2D Billboard Textures, Voice Acting
Tessa Brown - Environment Artist, Prop Artist
Hannah Bennett- Trailer, Marketing
Amanda Rasera - Texture Art, Game Design, Sound Design
Miles Whitaker - Game Design, Quality Assurance
Jaden Dirksen - Gameplay Programmer, Technical Artist
Jaime Murrel - Graphic Designer, 3D & 2D Character Designer, 3D Texture Artist, (3D Animator maybe)
Jenna Bresky: Character Artist, Texture Artist
Angel J. E. Harris B. - Character designer, 2D animator, 3D animator.
Meghan White - Rigger
Anna Johnson - UI, Environment Artist
J.C. Petrofsky - Music
Austin Bookman - Concept Artist, 2D Generalist, Character Designer
Emily Dietz - 3D Artist, Animation Lead