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English, British (English, British)

Language neutral

Game Diversifiers
Based on a True Story
Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies
Skibidi Toilet is a cross-generational game inspired by the exact site environment where the Game Jam took place. Utilizing that idea, I managed to MAKE ME LAUGH.
I was chilling opposite of the toilet on a sofa and we were commenting on the fact that the toilet door lock didn't work and I reminded my fellow jammers next to me of the meme where you keep the toilet door shut whit all of your extremities up. I turned that into the main game motivation on which we added features as we laughed.

The player is a CameraMan sitting on a toilet, the irony of Skibidi Toilet.
The core game mechanic, also the only one, is that you press space when people are in front of the door in order to keep the door shut and notify them that the toilet is taken.

If you keep your extremities up for 2.5 seconds, you lose energy which is shown in the down-left corner and decreases when you press space(keeping the extremities up).
Once you waste your energy, a cooldown process starts, where you cannot keep your extremities up for 2 seconds and cannot press space. When the energy is filled back, you can use space to defend yourself in the bathroom.

The game ends when you have your extremities down and an enemy in front of the door(inside the trigger area). It can happen by accident of not knowing that the enemy is coming towards you from an angle, from a slow reaction or finally if you waste your energy(you are tired) and you are inside of a cooldown period and an enemy comes in front of the door.
Technology Notes
I used blender to transform the 3D models to fbx for them to be usable in Unity.
Installation Instructions
If you are on Linux, the executable will run just by clicking it twice.
If you play it in Unity, you just need to go in the File -> Build And Run.