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In a Sauna with Finnish Man Jyrki from Ailionjärvi

  • Jyrki about to dominate you with leil

Finnish (Suomi)

Estonian (Eesti)

English (English)

Linux / Unix
Mac OS X
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
You stumble upon a lush landscape in the outskirts of Ailionjärvi, Finland. A finnish man invites you to his sauna and you humbly accept his invitation.
In this game you are in an endurance battle with the village’s best sauna man Jyrki. He is a difficult opponent, so try your best!
Technology Notes
All sprites and assets were made by us in Pixelorama, excluding a few (listed in the package).
The main game, UI and scene transitions were programmed by Raul Adamson and Kaaren Tenson.
The second part of the game was programmed by Ander Saarniit and Gregor Artur Mäe.
All sound effects and music was made by Gregor Artur Mäe.