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Rage Cage: Motorized Mayhem

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
A racing arena battle game best played with 4 players. Drive around unleashing your fury by swearing at them. Goal is to be the last one standing.

Made for the PIG squad global game jam 2024.

Note that if you would like to play this online with other friends you can setup remote play whatever.

How To Play
You will need controllers to play with more than one

Controls: Controller
Drive: R2

Brake: L2

Steer: Left Control stick

Shoot Swears: R1 for right L1 for left

E Brake: Sony: X Switch: B Xbox: A

Shoot F Bomb: Sony: Square Switch: Y Xbox: X (Rage meter must be full)

Pause: Sony: Start Xbox: Menu Switch +

Controls: Mouse + Keyboard
Player 1 only

Drive: W

Brake: S

Steer: A/D

Shoot Swears: Left click for Left Right click for right

E Brake: Space

Shoot F Bomb: F (Rage meter must be full)

Pause: Esc

Riley Miller: Programming, Music, Design

Cynthia Band : Art, Design, Programming

Sam Morey: Programming, SFX, Design

Kenny Assets pack used for background