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Prism Captures!

Title: "Prism Captures"

Main Goal of Game:
Capture the enemy team's Prism and bring it back to your base while defending your own. The first team to successfully bring the enemy Prism to their base wins the game.


Game Board: A modular board with two bases on opposite sides and a neutral zone in the center.
Prism Tokens: Two unique Prism tokens, one for each team.
Player Tokens: Distinctive player tokens for each team, representing their team members.
Action Cards: A deck of action cards that players can draw from during their turn.
Dice: A standard six-sided die.


Each team sets up their base on one side of the board, placing their Prism token in the center of the base.
Team members place their player tokens on their respective bases.
Shuffle the Action Cards and place them face-down as a draw deck.
Each team rolls the die to determine who goes first.

How to Play:

On a player's turn, they roll the die and move their player token that number of spaces. Diagonal movement is allowed.
Players can use an Action Card from their hand after moving. Action Cards may allow additional movement, hinder opponents, or provide strategic advantages.
If a player lands on an opponent's space, they initiate a Capture Challenge. Both players roll the die, and the higher roll wins. The winner can choose to either steal the opponent's Action Card or move the opponent's token back to their base.
Players can pick up the enemy Prism if they land on the same space as it. The player carrying the Prism cannot use Action Cards and moves at half speed.
To win, a player must successfully bring the enemy Prism back to their base without being tagged by opponents. If tagged, the Prism is dropped on the spot.
If a player lands on their own base while carrying the Prism, they score a point for their team, and the Prism is returned to its starting position.


The first team to score a predetermined number of points (e.g., 3) by successfully capturing and bringing back the enemy Prism to their base wins the game.