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Learn The Ropes

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Virtual Reality
Tools and Technologies
Virtual Reality Head Mount
VR clown-wrangling game for Oculus Quest

- Completely physics & technique based. It takes some practice to lasso well!
- Not left hand friendly :(
- You are always holding the lasso. It slides through your hands unless you grip the rope with the Trigger buttons. Imagine you are holding and using a real rope!
- Use the trigger buttons under your index fingers to grip, *not the grip buttons!*
- Pull rope in until you have ~2 feet of rope coming from your right hand.
- Then, starting slow, start swinging above your head. You should hear a steady swish sound if you're doing it right.
- While swinging, keep both triggers held or else the rope will slide through your hands!
- To throw the rope, give the rope a nice final swing (like you're tossing a stone across water) and let go of *both* triggers.
- Wrangle in clowns, but avoid cacti!
- Cacti and clown guns don't cause any penalty currently

Game cover - William Clifford @
Background Music -
360 environment -
Depth estimation for environment ground mesh -
3D materials -
Rope physics -
Wind sound effects -
Technology Notes
Tested on Oculus Quest 3. May be compatible with Quest 2 / Pro