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Knock Knock


English (English)

Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies
Godot Engine
Game about knocking down doors and telling bad knock knock jokes.

This was set up as a challenge to use an engine that i have barely used before,
using controller as primary interaction method and targeting a Steam Deck / Linux build.

Left stick - Movement
Right stick - Aiming
Right trigger - Shooting
Menu button - Pausing/Menu
A(Steam Deck / Xbox controller) / X(PlayStation controller) - Menu button use
Installation Instructions
For Steam Deck:
Download "SteamOS Devkit Client" on your pc inside steam
Pair your steam deck with said client
And upload a dev build.
Once done it should appear in category "NON-STEAM" as "Devkit Game: ggj24"

Since Steam Deck is an Linux device it should be possible to play this on other Linux devices with controller