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  • Hassus Title Screen
    Hassus Title Screen
  • Hassus Screenshot
    Hassus Screenshot
  • Hassus Screenshot
    Hassus Screenshot
  • Sad Hassus
    Experience of sadness and laughter
  • Sad Hassus
    Very emotional

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
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Linux / Unix
Mac OS X
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Hassus is not a game - it's an experience. Experience of sadness and laughter - as is life. One last laugh is all it takes to make an old goose happy. So bring your friends, gather around and fight to the last goose using laughable items and weapons. Leverage the fully destructible environment to your advantage as you try to tickle the funny bone of your opponent. Get laughing already!

Navigating forward in menu and cutscenes:
Keyboard: Enter key
Controller: Start button

Closing the game
Keyboard: hold down esc key for 3 seconds
Controller: hold down select button for 3 seconds

Gameplay controls:

Move: left stick
Join: A
Fire: B

Keyboard binds 1
Move: WASD
Join: Q
Fire: E

Keyboard binds 2
Move: Arrow keys
Join: right ctrl / right alt
Fire: right shift

Keyboard binds 3
Move: TFGH
Join: R
Fire: Y

Keyboard binds 4
Move: IJKL
Join: U
Fire: O
Technology Notes
Unity 2022.3.18f1
Installation Instructions
Download, extract and you are ready to play!