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Funny Waters


English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Never give up - (Sponsored by dot big bang)
Carry on my Wayward Fun
Mac OS X
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
🐒 Welcome, cheeky chimps, to Funny Waters! 🌊

🎮 How to play:
Embark on a hilarious voyage as you guide a mischievous monkey on a raft that's wobblier than a banana in a blender. Navigate the perilous sea filled with sharks with a sense of humor, avoiding their hungry jaws and the downright objects that may rain from the sky! Feathers, anvils, and pianos will turn your journey into absolute chaos. Can you outwit the sharks and keep your monkey business afloat?

Dive into the unpredictable waves of Funny Waters and unleash your inner primate! 🐵💦 Are you ready for the monkey mayhem and sea shenanigans that await? Jump in, and let the laughter ripple through the waves! 🛶
Technology Notes
FMOD: An audio middleware used for interactive music and sound effects in the game.
Blender: 3D content creation tool, used for designing characters, assets, and the overall visual elements of the game.
Reaper: A digital audio workstation for creating and editing sound effects.
Cubase: Used for music composition and audio production, contributing to the game's overall sound design.