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Eternal Attire


English (English)

MS Windows
This is a game about fashion. Give some poor damned souls the last garments they'll ever wear.

You are a talented fashion designer who has been hired to create clothes for the recently deceased. Your job is to design outfits for the souls who enter the afterlife, based on their preferences and personalities. You will have access to a variety of colors. But be careful, because the souls are very picky about their clothes. They will give you specific instructions on what they want, such as the type and style of the garments. You need to follow their instructions closely, and make sure the clothes fit them well. If you make a mistake, such as giving them a pullover instead of trousers, they will reject your designs and wittingly insist on what they asked for.

However, if you manage to satisfy the souls with your designs, they will accept your clothes and wear them for eternity!

Can you become the best fashion designer in the afterlife? Find out in Eternal Attire, a fun and creative game for all ages!
Technology Notes
This is a collection of python scripts on pygame. To run tthis you'll need PyGame and PyTorch with cuda enabled and the old version requires PyGame-Widgets too.

Do use the repository link as it has been updated with bug fixes.
Installation Instructions
install pytorch with CUDA as explained on their website.

To mod and extend change the JSON files!