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Dorkerik's Doggy Daycare

  • Lots of wiener dogs in a doggy daycare
    Chaos ensues towards the end

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
Mouthing Off
Web Special
Tools and Technologies
Dorkerik has opened a Doggy Daycare*. Help Dorkerik make his Doggy Daycare a dynamo!

*Dorkerik's Doggy Daycare caters only to Dachshunds

Development Credits:
Robin Kocaurek - 3D Art
Rachel Simpson - Concept Art, 2D Art, SFX
Alexander Zacherl - Development and a bit of Design

Music Credits:
Edward Shallow - Fractal Crook
Edward Shallow - The Infinite Railroad
Eggy Toast - Pressure
Kirk Osamayo - Epic Drive
Kirk Osamayo - It's All Good
Kirk Osamayo - Take Care
Kirk Osamayo - Video Game Home