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Mirthful Marv the Mime


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Jump into a quick and quirky game I made by myself in just 8-10 hours.

Help our sad Marv rediscover the joy of being a clown. Laugh in the face of challenges, dodge some pies thrown by the audience, and find out if laughter can really break a curse.

- Mouse Cursor: Move Marv right and left.
- Right Mouse Button: Create a cool mirror thing to protect against challenges.
- Left Mouse Button: Take Marv for a spin.

Story: A Mime's Tale

In a world where laughs are rare, follow Marv and his mentor, Mimette. Help Marv regain his ability to express himself through mime. Figure out the curse, learn to mime like a boss, and discover the mystery.

Big Shoutout:
Huge thanks to my friend Meric for making the game sound awesome.

Spoiler Alert:
Keep an eye out for the part about self-acceptance! If you cannot find the way to beat the game, drop a comment and I will give the hint.