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Dad Simulator 1997

  • Going around tidying while having a nice beer
    Going around tidying while having a nice beer
  • Fail at cooking
    Fail at cooking
  • Pet the dog
    Pet the dog
  • Take out the garbage
    Take out the garbage
  • Fail at parenting
    Fail at parenting

English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
Are you a guy with commitment issues? Do you struggle to hold together your marriage? Do you wish you could return to high school to relive your glory days? If any of these are true then we have the game for you! Now you can live your future (or actual) life in brand new 3D glory! Enjoy riveting activities like mowing the lawn! Reconnecting with your emotionally distant son! Cooking steak for supper! All this and more in the deadbeat dad simulator of the century: Dad Simulator 1997!

To play walk around with wasd/arrows , use mouse scroll to extend arm and click to pick up drop items, shake mouse to shake off child.
Installation Instructions
Unzip folder, open folder, double click on Dad Simulator.exe file to run game.