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Clumsy Robot


English (English)

MS Windows
Tools and Technologies
After a clumsy mistake by a robot that cost it its energy reserves. Guide the robot through the desert making sure not to fully deplete its energy.

Jumping Costs 1 Energy.

Dashing Costs 2 Energy.

Dashing Up Costs 3 Energy.

In addition to keyboard, the Game Can be played with an Xbox or a Playstation Controller.

Submitted for Global Game Jam 2024.

Credits :

Design & Programming :

Sulaiman Almansour

Tile & Background Art :

Bilal Abdullah

Character Art :

Yousef Bohadi

Voiceover :

Abdulaziz Almansour
Installation Instructions
1- After Downloading, Extract the .zip file to your desired destination.

2-Click on the "ClumsyRobot.exe" File to start the game.