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Feed the Cats

  • Ginger cats progressing down towards a clenched fist on a wood floor
    Level 1
  • A large dark cat on a wood floor with a blue health bar on top and a clenched fist below
    Boss fight!
  • Cats flying down towards a clenched fist with a nebula and outer space in the background
    Level 3

English (English)

Web standard
A game about feeding cats!
And some other stuff.

The cats are hungry! Some of them aren't very happy about that. Some are faster, some are slower, some need to be fed more, some are content with less, and some you shouldn't feed at all! No violence is going on here.
Technology Notes
Installation Instructions
Unzip into some folder, and start a web server with those files. For example, in Linux / OS X:

python3 -m http.server -d dist 1234

The game will be available at localhost:1234