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A baby, a shroom and a slingshot to the moon

  • Doggo is kind of rude...
  • Who doesn't like a good swing?
  • A baby on shrooms is still a baby...

English (English)

Game Diversifiers
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Lunch Special
Woodstock vibes
Moon & Swoon
Linux / Unix
MS Windows
A short point and click adventure game about a baby who finds a mysterious mushroom in his backyard, eats it and is convinced by his cat that they're both meant to go to the moon.

- Left mouse click to move and interact with the world.
- ESC key closes the game;

Extra credits:
- Sunny Day Ambience.wav - [email protected]
- Simple Joy.mp3 - Alexander [email protected]
Technology Notes
rayjs (Raylib w/ QuickJS bindings)
Installation Instructions
Unzip the main archive and you'll have both Windows and Linux versions on their own archive.
Extract the one you want and launch the executable.
The Windows executable may be flagged as malware due to using NSIS for the final build.
You can download the code yourself from Github or just download and play the Linux version.

The releases here are treated as v1.0.0. Consequent bug fixes and enhancements are likely to happen on the next few days. The source was archived "as is" at the moment so you better follow it on GitHub as it won't get updated here anymore.