Create a gameplay video

Once your game is finished (or mostly so), it's a great idea to create a gameplay video. This lets other people get a quick overview of what your game is like, especially when there are thousands of different games to review.

Are you interested in creating GIFs as well? See the end of this page.

The quality of video that you make is up to you. Any of these options would be fine:

Videos should be uploaded to a site such as or
In the description box:

  • Be sure to mention which jam site you're with;
  • Add year;
  • Include a link back to your game's page at;
  • Please also add tags #globalgamejam and #GGJ23

On your game's page on the GGJ site, you can add a link to the video in the URL box, and it'll show up easily during game searches.

Examples of gameplay videos:

* Audience recording during the game demo, GGJ 2010 Sydney, GNILLEY
* Gameplay-only: GGJ 2010 MIT, Quest for Stick
* Over the shoulder: GGJ 2011 Netherlands, GlitchHiker

We also collect any videos uploaded to youtube and linked on the GGJ website, and create YouTube playlists of them all! 

Pretty much anything is fine, just have fun with it!

Making GIFs

The most popular social networks hace recently added the capacity to upload and display GIF animations. They're short and directly visible, so you could use it to display the gameplay of your game very quickly.

  • GIFCam is able to record directly on screen and optimize the GIF so the resulting animation is small enough for uploading anywhere. It's also free to use.
  • EZGif is an online animated GIF editor and GIF maker. You can do some optimizations here.