• 30 April 2022


    Our goal is simple: to bring effective treatment options into the world that people actually want to follow…because they’re fun.

    The upcoming Mental Health Game Jam will be yet another step in that direction.

    Next month we’ll be collaborating with the Global Game Jam to introduce DeepWell to a global community of game developers in our first-ever Mental Health Game Jam. Creators will come together to make a game from beginning to end in only a few weeks.

  • 20 April 2022

    International nonprofit organization, Global Game Jam, Inc® announced today that it is welcoming five new members to its board of directors, Kate Edwards, Sabrina Culyba , Johana Riquier, Ariella Lehrer and Felix Hilgert. In what is a regular director turnover event,  with individuals serving two year terms, the organization also bids a fond farewell to retiring board members Kevin Miklasz, Shelley Miles, Lenore Gilbert and Carl Callewaert.

  • 6 April 2022

    The Global Game Jam®️ has partnered with Endless to create a microgrant program for game creators in our community who wish to further develop their games that are focused on the purpose of education and/or incorporates learning themes. 

    Founded in 2011, Endless is a global network of companies, foundations, non-profits, technologists, and advocates who want to unlock human potential through technology - with a special focus on harnessing the power of cutting edge games to advance education. 

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