The Sacred Roots

In this magical green forest, two knights serve as protectors of the sacred tree located in the center of the forest. This tree has roots filled with mana that enable it to provide aid to all the forest along with the knights. The goal is to survive through all waves of enemies while protecting the tree. After each wave ends, there is an interval before the next wave starts. The number of enemies changes every wave along with their types, health and attack power. This game is a split-screen multiplayer It features two playable characters: DogKnight and CornKnight and many enemies such as: CursedKiwi, Eggy and the powerful Rock Golem it has two powerups: Health and Mana that drop from the tree onto the land above its roots. Every character and enemy is animated. The players can use a standard attack, skill attack and summon elemental sentinels as allies. The game has SFX, BGM and UI elements that go with the flow of the game. The controls for player 1 are WASD for walking, LeftShift for running, E for attack, R for skill attack. The controls for player 2 are arrow keys for walking, RightShift for running, L for attack, (semicolon) for skill attack. The players have the summon as a shared skill, any of the players can activate it by pressing (Space) but they have to wait some time before they can use the summon again.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1. Download the version compatibale with your pc.

2. Extract the file.

3. Play the game!

4. Enjoy!


Game Creators:

Mohamed Gamal Barghush

Yousef Ahmed Mohamed Ali

Ahmed Wageh Ragab

Mahfouz Sherif Abd-ElGaied

Unity Asset Store:

Supercyan, Agile Reaction, Dungeon Mason, Cargear Games, Scanta, ZennixProduction, Rocklynn Productions, Idia Software LLC, MGWSoundDesign, Alexander Kotov, Epic Sounds and FX, leohpaz, Epic Game Hits SFX, HungNguyenVFX

Game Stills: 
Game Tags: 
Third Person