Your roots, your own origin, are shrouded in mystery. You, the players, are playing as the three aspects of the hero, an intelligent AI trying to access the forbidden memory. When roots are being discovered, three mysteries will unravel. But to get lower and lower in the mazes of the memory, three aspects must decide on every move if they all are voting for it. Because you are one. And if there will be disagreement, bad things may happen. However, planning move is not easy when you do not have all the information, but only your partners do, and all of them may have their own secret agenda.
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No Shortcuts
Creature Feature
Is This The End?
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, GitHub
Technology Notes: 
ASP.NET Core and SignalR on the server side, pure HTML5/JavaScript on the client side.
Installation Instructions: 

Unpack the executable, run the "Rex3" and head yourself to the http://localhost:5000 to play at your own computer.

Run rex3 --urls and it will run on all your network interfaces, so you can play in a local network.


Marcin Badurowicz (ktos): server + client + story

maryla_ambasador: music + sfx

Stanisław Skulimowski (stachir): frontend + graphics + story

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