Mycopia is a city-building sim unlike any other! It is your responsibility to build new mushroom colonies and make sure their mycelium network underground is connected to valuable resources. However, giant (to you) rabbits are coming to plunder your cities. You must defend them with all you have by shooting spores at them. See if you can grow your network (although there is currently no way to win). Instructions: When in placement mode, click on the map to place a city at that spot. Cities cost resources over time, so place carefully. Cities placed close enough together will become linked. Placing a city close to a resource (a dead animal or a water source) will add that resource to your fungal network and give you resources over time, so long as that city is connected back to your capital (either directly or through other cities). Click on a city to enable "Spore Artillery" to fight back at the rabbits that will come and try to eat your cities!
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Year of the Rabbit
MS Windows
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GitHub, Unity (any product)
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