The precious World Tree, from which all life stems is under attack from the demon Elytra and his army of Cockchafers. The deity Hyphae needs your help to plant and grow mushrooms during the dark of the night. It is with their mycelium that you can strengthen the World Tree roots. Using the directions A and D, you control Hyphae and with the Space Bar you beam down spores to help the mushrooms grow and vanquish grubs. Can you survive the night and help all the mushrooms grow to their final forms? Or will you succumb to the onslaught of Elytra and his Cockchafer grubs?
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Gimp, Blender & Substance Painter
Installation Instructions: 

Please download the zip and extract the entire folder. Then run the GGJ23 executable. Thanks for playing!


Programming - Harold T. Spencer

3D Artist - Matthew Thomas Edwards

Illustration - Max Wynter & Aimee D. Spencer

Game Design, Writing & Lore - Max Wynter, Harold T. Spencer, Matthew Thomas Edwards & Aimee D. Spencer

Music - Ciaran Cosway

Mushroom Font by Leonard Posavec
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