Memory of Beaverwood

In a visual novel/ point and click, we play a character named Sacha, an orphan who wants to learn more about his past. He wants to find out why he was abandoned and what happened to his family. When he left the orphanage at his majority, he received from the director a key and an address. It was provided to him when Sacha was dropped off at the orphanage. Without hesitation, he headed for Beaverwood, an unknown town in the middle of Canada. At the address indicated, he discovers a lon g muddy path leading to a cabin looking like a hunting cabin lost in the middle of the forest and near a lake. By opening the door, he will discover that the cabin has remained intact as if its inhabitants had left overnight. Objects from the past century, dust and the strong smell of mould are the only elements that allow Sacha to understand that this cabin has been abandoned for some time. He will walk through the few rooms to try to learn more about his family via flashback, the objects and documents left by the owners. Language : French
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New Friends Along the Way
Is This The End?
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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GitHub, Ren/Py
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Blender, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator)
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On this site

  1. Search the "Executable" section of this page and click on "Memory of Beaverwood -" to download it
  2. Extract the .zip file where you want
  3. Choose your platform (Mac or Windows/Pc)
  4. Extract your platform .zip file
  5. Lunch "Memory_of_Beaverwood.exe" or "Memory_of_Beaverwood"
  6. Enjoy !

On Github 

  1. Go to the Github repository
  2. Click on _GAME
  3. Choose your platform (Mac or Windows/Pc)
  4. Dowload the .zip file and extract it where you want
  5. Lunch "Memory_of_Beaverwood.exe" or Memory_of_Beaverwood
  6. Enjoy

Team of "Memory of Beaverwood"

  • Sandy Rouge
  • Simon Boelpaep
  • Théo Jassogne
  • Cyrian Bartel
  • Evan Chevennier
  • Ugo Valemberg

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Point & Click