Bound Age

In a era the same yet divided a young Usagaia makes an eternal choice, fighting against both nature and nurture whilst staying true to who he's always been.
Jam year: 
Year of the Rabbit
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
RPG Maker
Technology Notes: 
Paint.NET (Artwork) Online Sequencer (Music)
Installation Instructions: 

NOTE: This game is virtually empty and a very light asset showcase. No narrative or gameplay is actively implemented or present ingame.

The RPG Maker VX Ace runtime package is suggested and may even be needed to play this demo. If your computer already has RPG Maker VC Ace installed, or has played other RPG Maker VX Ace games you should be fine.

You can donwload it from the offical RPG Maker here! Simply select the RPG Maker VX Ace tab and follow the instalation instructions.

After you've installed the Run Time Package, simply click on the downloaded file, select a folder to install the game into, and click the 'Game.exe' file to play!


Artwork & Music: Selfmade

Title Font: Tibitto - By Cosmic Cosmos

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