Elden Roots

Elden Roots is a tribute to game of the year for 2022, Elden Ring. We called it Elden Roots, as the theme for this year on global game jam was "Roots". We tried our very best to clone such a great game, and the result is as expected for a 48 hour game jam. However, we managed to finish what we aimed for in about ~30 hours, and learned a lot from doing it! Elden Ring is a game without microtransactions, horse armor dlc, ads etc... It does not hold the hand of it's players. It contains a lot of content that is very fun to explore. It is the game that made us remember the good old times. Elden Ring returned gaming to it's roots, and we did a maidenless dance on glorious Erdtree's roots with our guests J. Jonah Jameson, El Risitas, Bill Clinton and of course the Wretch, White Masked Zarre, and the Root Knight.
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Making memories (Sponsored by dot big bang)
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Third Person