Cultural Routes

In the trivia game Cultural Routes, players in turn take their bike for a spin and visit various regions around the world to share knowledge and learn about their cultural roots. Players: 3-6 Estimated play time: 20 minutes GAME COMPONENTS • Game board with spinner • 10 Pre-made country cards • 8 Pre-made category cards • 2 Pre-made penalty cards • Blank cards for customization • 8 penalty tokens • Scorecard • 6 player pieces (score tracking) • Timing device (e.g., smart-phone timer) DIY VERSION: You can play a simple DIY version at home: • Bottle instead of the spinner • Draw and cut your own cards with countries/regions and categories; arrange them in a circle around the bottle • Use bottle caps, pieces of paper or any other suitable items for penalty tokens • Keep score on a piece of paper • Timing device (e.g., smart-phone timer)
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Each player starts with 15 points. In turn, you spin the wheel, trying to avoid penalty spots, to land in different country/region spaces. Each penalty reduces the player points by 1. The other players must race against the clock and each other to name something fitting with the drawn category & country. The first player to answer correctly avoids a penalty. When all other players are eliminated and one person remains standing, they win the game!

SETUP (beginners)
• Shuffle the category deck and place it besides the board
• Place the penalty card “spin again” on the “start” card slot
• Place the penalty card “remove all X” on the 10th clockwise card slot
• Shuffle the country cards and randomly distribute them over the remaining card slots
• Place all player pieces on the start (15 points) square of the scorecard
• Keep the penalty token in reach of all players
• Prepare a 10 second time-keeping device like a stopwatch or timer function on a smartphone

SETUP  ‘Legacy’ (advanced players)
The game is provided with a deck of blank cards, that you can use to customize your own game experience!
For a new session, each player may write and/or draw on one of the blank cards to add either a new country/region or category. The new cards get added to the card pool of their respective category. Each player adding a new card, chooses to remove one of the previously existing cards from the pool and replaces it with their new card.
The rest of the set-up continues as normal: see “Setup (beginners)
Advanced players are welcome to add house rules, like changing the distribution of country/region and penalty cards


Decide who is the starting player. E.g., rock-paper-scissors, the youngest player starts, roll a die.

The active player spins the wheel by tapping, slapping, or pushing on the designated “push” spot. No prolonged contact or ‘guiding’ allowed

The arrow will now point at:
• A penalty card
     o Follow the instructions on the penalty card. The turn passes to the next player, beginning with the spinning phase.
• An open country/region card
     o Proceed with next step: ‘the quiz’
• A country card with an X token
      o The spinning player will take a penalty (lose a point), remove the X token from the card, and the turn passes to the next player, beginning with the spinning phase.

•The active player takes the top card from the categories deck, reads it aloud and starts the 10 second timer.
• The other players must name something fitting in the category that’s associated with the country/region before the timer runs out.
• If the time runs out and nobody has given a correct answer, all guessing players take a penalty (lose a point).
• If a player names a correct answer, the other guessing players lose a point
• If a player names a wrong answer, they lose a point. (See: Disputes)
• If the categories deck is empty, the active player shuffles the deck from the discard pile and brings the cards back into play
• An ‘X token’ is placed on the country card
• The next clockwise player becomes the active player and starts with the spinning phase

If at any moment a player’s points reach 0, and there are still multiple players with points, they are eliminated from the game.
The first eliminated player will take over the duties of reading the category card and starting the timer, allowing the active player to participate as a guessing player.
When one player remains with points, they win the game. When the final 2 (or more) remaining players all reach 0 points simultaneously, sudden death is started.
Sudden Death
The first player to lose a point while any other player doesn’t, is eliminated, until one player remains.

• Answer validity
Whether or not a given answer is correct, is decided by the active player. Players may decide before starting the game whether or not verifying answers by (online) searches is permitted as a house rule.
• Answer timing
When players (seemingly) give a correct answer at the same time, the active player must decide which player was faster.
• Spinning accuracy
When the spinner lands between two card slots, the next player (clockwise) will decide which slot it landed on.
When an eliminated player takes the role of the active player, they will also settle disputes in their stead



Marie Jeantet, Sébastien Juzac & Tim Spaninks


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