Cook, Rabbit, Cook!

A PSX-inspired horror game where a nest of rabbits find themselves forced to cook a hearty stew - unawares that they are soon to become a key ingredient! You have to escape granny's house without becoming ensnared by the sinister overgrown roots, but will you be able to save your friends too? 「 their fate lies in your fuzzy paws... 」 Move using WASD or Arrows Pickup objects or hide in pots using F or enter Don't walk straight down towards the camera except towards a yellow light on the floor which indicates a door there. If you get stuck or fall out of the map, you need to alt+f4 to reset
Jam year: 
Year of the Rabbit
Is This The End?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender and Reaper

Scripting, Level Design - Oliver Hill

Audio and Voice Over - Luke Evans

3D modelling and 2D assets - Courtney Davies


PSX Shader Kit by Valerie Moza on unity store


Tourian Entrance by The Versions (arranged from Super Metroid)


Stone overgrown roots model by Maxim O. sketchfab


"ps1 tsyle low-poly average student table" ( by Madeleinone


"Aaron project - Roots" ( by artikora


Game Tags: 
Third Person