Ascending Descendent

A Rogue-like game where a Vampire Lord stuck in the Underworld sends his vampire minions to the Over World to gather blood for his resurrection. The more blood they consume, the stronger they become. But human hunters are on their trail, determined to stop the resurrection and put an end to the blood-draining descendants. The minions must collect the blood and avoid their hunters in a race for their master's resurrection.
Jam year: 
Dungeon Master (Sponsored by coherence)
Year of the Rabbit
An Image Is Worth 1,000 Words
Creature Feature
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GitHub, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
FMOD, Adobe Illustrator

Game Design, Production, Player Controller, Rogue system, System Managers - Gal Erez

Art Direction, Player UI, Environmental Art & Game Design- Artur Umarov

Concept Art, Character Design & Animations, Menu UI - Kayla Bagay

Music & SFX - Ilay Schwebel

Tilemap, Sound Managment, Nutority System - Gal Azulay

Stat System, Sprite Manager, VFX, Data, Enteties & AI - Jonathan Levin

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