The Great Journey: Värmland Game Dev Community

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Open for entire 48 hours
Event Start Date: 
Friday, January 28, 2022 - 6:00pm
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Jam Site Description: 

A jam site centered around the Karlstad area, but you can join us from anywhere in the world remotely. 

The Host:

The Great Journey, Värmlands game accelerator, welcomes game devs on all levels.

We will facilitate this year's jam remotely through The Great Journey's server and from the site at Karlstads Innovation Park. If you are not already a member, use this link to join:

Here is a helpful video if you are new to Discord:

On Discord, you will find chats related to the jam under "Global game jam". These channels include announcements, the code of conduct, and help to find a team.


We will host at the site from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th, but we encourage teams to start with their game on Thursday the 20th. 

Thursday 20th 18:00 - Kick-off stream with theme announcement

Friday 28th 18.00 - Second kick-off stream since it may be more convenient for many.

Sunday 30th 18.00 - Jam over, playtest stream with a jury, when all games have been tested the jury will have a session and decide on a winner.

Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
computers, screens, vr-consoles, printers, power strips, sound & voice recording
Who Can Participate: 
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only

Recently Uploaded Games

A game about overcoming obstacles in your life.
Use both your weapons to defeat the psychotic robots, Pin them to the walls with your Stake Gun, and pull them apart with your Grav Gun Enemies that are pinned but not killed will rematerialize
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This site is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilets
This site has gender neutral toilets
This site has showers available
This site has a quiet space/spaces away from the main jam areas
This site has a defibrillator
This site has qualified first aiders
This site provides vegetarian food options
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There will be pizza!
This site has free coffee
This site recycles
This site is alcohol free / has alcohol free spaces
This site has 24 hour security
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This is a non smoking site
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