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Online/Virtual Only
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Open for all the time we will get
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Thursday, January 27, 2022 - 5:00pm
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We are Daddelmarmelade and me make some juicy stuff.
Join the cult.

1. We will do most things over Discord bc of Corona and the fact that most of us are living far away from each other. Some tools that will help us organize also are in the description of our Discord information. We are jamming for fun, so no stress until we reach the end of the jam and realize we have no time to finish everything.

2. If it is possible we want to use ALL time we get in this jam. If it is 2 days or even the whole week. And even if some of us might not have time everyday for 24h (shame on you), we try to be here as much as possible.

3. The fact that we are friends does not include that no one COULD join. It will just be a very strange and strict process you have to take if you would like to.

So here is how you join:

- You go on the Google Document and write down some info (you will see what). After that we will get at ya and talk to you.

- If we dont answer in time, just write me on Discord or Twitter and we can see if it fits. We are always glad if more ppl join, so dont be shy! <3 (Discord: Einhorn#0171/ Twitter: @L_Feuerbrecher)

4. Our jam is special bc this was kind of an idea we had when we were drunk... lel And now we still do it bc we said so and... idk let chaos rain!

5. We will most likely watch the "openig stream" together and start brainstorming in the first few hours (hopefully just one hour ksksks). I will show the result to some ppl from my school but there is no "After Jam Event" planned yet. Maybe trying out the other games if that is possible.

6. Have Fun!

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Nothing available in the area. Participants must arrange their own food and drink.
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18+ only

Recently Uploaded Games

A game about choices and having the courage to make them. Gordon hopes you have fun in his cirque de la lune. *UPDATE: Did a major bug fix, you can now exit the third scene!

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