A hardware project with Arduino Pro Micro and and ILI9341 compatible 2.4" TFT. The screen is divided half to black and white, everything is randomly changing to white or black, with emphasis on the one that has more. Use buttons to either convert black to white or vice versa and try to keep the balance, or lose if the whole screen turns to one color.
Jam year: 
Keep it Clean
On Board
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Technology Notes: 
Arduino IDE
Installation Instructions: 

Hardware used:

  • 1x Arduino (SparkFun) Pro Micro 5V (ATMega32U4)
  • 1x 2.4" TFT (ILI9341)
  • 1x LD1117V33 3.3V regulator
  • 3x buttons
  • 1x 400-point breadboard
  • 2x 2K resistors
  • 2x 1K resistors
  • 1x micro-USB header breakout
  • An assortment of cables

The micro-USB header and 3.3V regulator (LD1117V33) can be omitted if using an Arduino Pro Micro 3.3V version. Also, the resistors are only used for ISP programming, and the hardware itself works without them, and even the programming might work without those too.

Schematics incoming.


Jani "zment" Kärkkäinen - HW "design", "coding"