We Magnets Two

An endless runner game, you play as two magnets detaching at splits in the road and attaching again to keep the machinery alive. Stay alive for as long as possible, with the levels speeding up for every loop. Press SPACE to detach at splits, and space to attach again =)
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Reaper (Sound design) Blender (3D-modelling) Procreate (2D sprites) Cubase (music)

Trym Ulven Stensvold @Norrun / Programming
Trygve Igesund / Programming
Ole Torstein Hovig / Sound Design
Erlend Furholt Moen / Music
Guilherme Ferreira Filipe / 3D-modelling 
Scruffy80 / 3D-modelling (magnets)
Kim Baumann Larsen @kimblarsen/ 3D-modelling, level mock-up

Kristina Åkerman: Concept, game design, level design, 2D art & 3D-modelling. 

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