War is good for Business

“They say war never changes… I’m the one making sure of that.” War is good for Business is a 3D casual puzzle game, where you take on the role of apprentice blacksmith, ready to learn the craft from your master Profitalot. Your job is to provide weapons, equipment and accessories to both sides of an on-going war between Good and Evil, and you decide which combatant takes what. Truth be told, if the war keeps going on, you will be able to fill your pockets with more gold than you’ve ever seen in your life, so you might be interested in making sure that no side has the winning hand in the conflict. Or perhaps your heart tells you that the right thing to do is ending this cycle of devastation and give some peace to these lands. War and gold, peace and poorness: the duality still stands, but which one will prevail? The choice is yours.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Pasty: development and animation

Lucia: 2D and concept art

Nic: audio and SFX

Michele: 3D art and story

Hexenwerk: 3D art, ui and tinkering

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