This Game can be played with 4 or more players that each player has an 8x8 Checkerboard and two beads. Checkerboards are marked with North, South, East and West. and they are not limited at the borders. You as a player have to put 7 tokens at your left hand side player's board and you can put your board at each direction as you want. your main bead is at your board and your ghost bead is at your left hand side player's board. at each turn you can move your main bead at your board for 1 square and your ghost bead will go reversely for 1 square. for example, if you move your main bead to north your ghost bead will move to south at it's board. you should try catch the ghost at your board and try to protect ghost from getting catch. if you catch a ghost you will receive 2 points and if your ghost get catch you will lose 1 point. 7 tokens are: 1. freeze: that will freeze the bead that step into it for 1 turn. 2. two point: that you can step into it from each direction but you should exit from directions that the token says. it's not affect the ghost bead. 3. nitro: that will move your bead for 1 square in the token's direction. 4. wall: your main bead can't move through line that wall is placed. 5. gate: your ghost bead will start at this token and can't get catch at this place. if your ghost get catch it will start from this token. your left hand side player should put his/her main bead symmetrical to this token to the center. 6. negative: if you step into it you will lose 1 point. 7. positive: if you step into it with each of beads, you should reach the other one to this token at it's board to get 3 points. The goal of this game is to get 5 points first.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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