Tidy Troubles

In your wildest fantasies as a child you often forget about the real world. Balance the duality of real and imaginary in Tidy Troubles. Get a highscore by keeping your imaginary world save of the dark spirits, but be careful! Back in the real world you made a mess of your room while playing in your fantasy world. Make sure that you tidy up your room and put the furniture back into place before the time runs out, or your mom will catch you! Controls: Movement: W-AS-D Attacking: Space-bar Grabbing furniture: Left mouse click
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MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


  • Igli Milaqi
  • Rimme Pijpker
  • Tristan Smeets


  • Alexander Milenkov
  • Vikte Normantaitė
  • Vaiva Vaivadaitė
  • Bas Vorstenbosch

Background music:

  • Dark fantasy studio - Reggae Time
  • Dark fantasy studio - You're Fighting With Me

Sound effects:

  • Sidearm Studios - Ultimate SFX Bundle
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