This is a, close to, almost half finished dating sim, in which you have a conversation with a potential date. Depending on how the conversation goes you might get a date in the end (you win) or you'll say something that upsets the other and lose. The dialogue system is a bit broken, which makes the in game decisions completely useles - this game is a little bit of a trainwreck, well no actually, it's a lot like a big trainwreck. Also, if you decide to play this game for some reason, to exit the game, just use Alt +F4 - there is no other option. NB! this game will not compete, since a person from the jurry participated in making this game :)
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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If you for some unknown reason decides that you want to play this game, you can download a .zip file of it from Github. Here's a link:


Art: Linnea Andersson

Programming: Louise Hasslöf

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