One Life Clear

One-Life Clear is a 2D platform game. In the game, player is able to use their own corpses to pass the level. In ancient times, there was a magical tree, and as long as people ate its fruit, they could avoid death. A war broke out in the world at that time, just to compete for this rare ancient tree. However, the strange thing is that the country with the undead tree will mysteriously disappear from the world in a few years, leaving only the ruins. Therefore, with the disappearance of those kingdoms, the news of the ancient tree gradually disappeared. 20xx, Mount Timpanogos A boy stumbles into ancient ruins while exploring...
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Another Dimension
Take A Break
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Thank Edermunizz's Free Pixel Art Forest.

Thanks to for the 8bit background music.


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