Duakitty: Game of Kitty Duality.

HOW TO PLAY: Use the arrow keys to move and dodge Chaos-Cat's attacks. Shoot a magic bullet by typing the letters or numbers that appear on Chaos-Cat's sun. Eat appearing sugar cookies to get either a little bit of health, stronger bullets for a period of time or extra movement speed. Restart game "BACKSPACE" Volume up "L" Volume down "K" The last Cat alive wins. (And gets to control Duakitty's next actions in real life.) STORY: You are Peace-Cat who is endlessly fighting with Chaos-Cat over the steering wheel in the brain of Duakitty. Peace-Cat wishes to influence Duakitty to do things like: ask for cuddles, make funny faces and sleep on people's laps. Whereas Chaos-Cat only wishes Duakitty would push cups down from tables and scratch people who try to pet them. Win against Chaos-Cat to protect world peace and ensure Duakitty takes the right course of action in the real world.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Check that your computer has something that runs Python and has the Pygame module. (Like Thonny or Visual Studio Code)

Click on the download link below, it should lead you to a Google Drive folder named 'Duakitty game'. Download the entire folder onto your computer (It should be a zip file).


Open the downloaded folder and unzip its content to another folder. Then find from the unzipped folder and run the file 'Duakitty.py' with something that can run pygames.



Developers, Programmers: Marek Murumäe, Lauri Lüüsi

2d assets: Katariina Kornet

end/start screens: Lauri Lüüsi

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