Spray And Slay

A game about a psychotic window cleaner that was hired by a big company. At the entrance, he was turned down, even when he wanted to speak with the boss. As he got mad, the psychosis kicked in, and now he's going to get what he wants no matter what. In order to progress through the game, you have to constantly switch your sanity mode. While sane, you can jump, in order to reach certain places. Be careful of the workers tho, since you're weaker in that state, if you stay close to them for a while you'll get caught. While insane, you carry a fictional weapon which can be used to take down the necessary "demons" that don't allow you to move on. In order to go to the next floor you need an access card and some parkour may be required. Make sure to defeat the final boss in order to win the game!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Aseprite, Blender, Piskel, Marmoset Hexels 3
Installation Instructions: 

Extract, Open, .exe


Level Designer  & 3D Artist - Luiz Santos

2D Artist - Giuseppe Accorsini, Zacharie, António Francisco, Gean Carlos, Luiz Santos

Sound Designer - Giuseppe Accorsini

UI Designer - António Francisco

Programmer - João Esteves

Torn Flesh - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
The Elevator Bossa Nova - www.Bensound.com

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