Note: I Spent most of my time tracking down an invisible entity rendering bug, so not much is done. Just basic movement and even that has some rendering bugs. You and your family have been split, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Do you work with other families to find yours, or do you steal from them to ensure your survival? Fight the duality of mankind, fight between right and wrong. Do you sacrifice another human to ensure you have the resources to reach your family? Player - blue, Zombies - green, family - cyan (not implemented), humans - yellow. - Goal: Get all of your family together (Not implemented) - Sustainable: Health - not implemented, Ammo - not implemented - Zombies chase player. - Humans fear zombies (not implemented). - Zombie 'move onto human' attempt damages 1 hp (not implemented) - Removing people gives bonus ammo (Not implemented) - Removing zombies gives bonus health every 5 (Not implemented) - Dynamic cities / environments (not implemented)
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Runtime Fun Time
MS Windows
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Java 1.8+
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Run with Java Runtime SE 1.8+

Github project: https://github.com/LimpLungs/Split/
Website with additional downloads: http://www.limplungs.com/split---global-game-jam-22.html

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